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    There are many articles on house inspections and all kinds of information on the web. However, we still see many customers who do not understand what a home inspection is really about. This article will explain some salient points about house inspection and what are the expectations of the customer during his inspection.


    When buying a home, some people perform the inspection to avoid the cost of home inspection. They think that since they will be new owners, they know exactly what to look for and will be the best person to judge whether the house suits them or not. To an extent, this is true and certainly most buyers already have a picture of what they have in their home and already check if the house they buy will have these features. However, when it comes to assessing if the house is habitable, functional and, more importantly, it is best to entrust the work to a certified inspector.


    A house inspections may not include certain things, depending on where you live and the company used for the inspection. Most of the time, these services are referred to as third-party testing services and may include water quality testing, radon testing, mold testing, air quality testing, and inspection, wood-boring and food insects, such as termites. All of these tests can be considered important depending on what the home inspection shows and any problems detected by the home inspector.


    If mold is visible, mold tests may be suggested to ensure that it is not a toxic mold strain that can cause human illness and disease. If water quality is suspected, a water test may be suggested to make sure no bacteria or other organisms can make you sick. Radon tests should always be done to ensure that this carcinogenic gas is not present in the home, and the home inspection report may also suggest it. Inspection of termites may be requested if the home inspectors in Kankakee County discovers evidence of the possible presence of these pests and constitutes a danger to the structure of the house that eats the wood. Air quality tests may be performed if there is reason to believe that the air in the home may be harmful to the occupants, which may be due to the presence of mold, radon or other irritating and pathogenic agents in the air.


    Knowing what to expect during a thorough inspection of your home and getting tips to make this process more efficient and effective can help you get a good idea of ​​any failure in your home before making your purchase, no doubt neither confusion. The right step should never be ignored, although it may seem expensive, as it can save a lot in the case of hidden defects and invisible failures.



    • Ensure the right checks are done in the home
    • Ensure you get a proper home inspection report that is well detailed and easy to read.
    • Work with a professional home inspector in Kankakee that has been in the business for years.